Simple solution for improving deliverability

Why is it important to maintain a clean email list?

If you communicate to non-real email addresses, your emails will bounce back.
The more you bounce, the worse your reputation will be, so the worse "sender" you will be.
And if you have a low reputation, your mail won't be received by the people who have real email addresses either... You will simply be blocked!
Prevent this problem! Check your email addresses before you start communicating to them!

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Why is it worth cleaning up your database?

It's a common misconception that the most important element of effective email marketing is a well-edited newsletter and a large database full of email addresses.

It is undeniable that these are important factors, but to make your newsletter communication successful you need to dig much deeper than these.

To achieve long-term success, it is very important to take seriously the inescapable expectations placed on us by the Internet's back-end empire, the ISPs - Internet Service Providers. These are deliverability, bounce-back and the upfront management of spam, spam-traps.

AddressCheck Report
AddressCheck Syntax Check

How is this solution more than a simple email-address check?

AddressCheck's service can reduce bounce rates by 95%, helping you get your mail to your inbox.

It performs a syntactic check to see if the at(@) and period(.) are in the right place in the address. It also checks for any special characters in the address that are not correct.

This provides a complete check that the email addresses in your database are in the correct format.

But the list doesn't stop there!

After the syntactic check, AddressCheck initiates a simulated email sendout, during which the system checks the email addresses at 19 different points. To name just a few, such as checking the existence of the email domain, checking the availability of the Mail Server, checking for bounce risk or checking the prefix (the part before the at).

Calculate how much the better deliverability would cost

Our prices
Package Number of email address Price per email address (Net)
1 1 - 10000 3.5 EUR
2 10001 - 25000 3 EUR
3 25001 - 50000 2.4 EUR
4 50001 - 100000 2.2 EUR
5 100001 felett 2 EUR

Set the number of email addresses need to be cleaned:


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So what you do now?

You can register for free by clicking on the button below and you can check how AddressCheck itself works. When you login you will be able to upload your database, which can be cleaned by us.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly will my database be cleaned?

This depends largely on the size of your database, but in general it can be said that once you upload your database, your database will be cleaned within 1 business day and can be accessed in your account.

What is the perfect database size to use AddressCheck?

In fact, whatever the size of your database, it is worth cleaning it up, as you will see a significant improvement in your open and click-through rates.

I have good open and click rates, is it still worth checking my database?

Of course, you may be getting good results with your newsletters at the moment, but if you send your mail to an address that pulls all your other mail into a SPAM folder, you will be blocked completely. It's not worth the risk, clean up your database to make sure it doesn't happen to you!

Will my data be safe after I upload it?

For safety reason, we think it is important that you register on our platform before you start the database cleaning, so only you can have access to the database with your own login data.
Furthermore, as described in our privacy policy, your data is completely secure!

How much does it cost to clean my entire database?

It will depend on the size of your database, so we recommend you use our calculator above, which will give you the exact answer to this question.

Do you really have deliverability guarantee?

Given that we have the confidence in AddressCheck's functionality, and we know that getting rid of your fake email addresses will be a huge help for you, we guarantee that your deliverability numbers will improve after the database cleanup. If for some reason this does not happen, we will refund you the cleaning fee and of course you can continue to use the cleaned database!


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